ACAEngine is a smart-building platform that can connect all devices, building systems and third-party
software into a single work-place, building or precinct solution.


Building platform

A single connection point to drive every user experience in your building. It can also scale to all of your buildings anywhere in the world.


User Experience

Build your own apps and interfaces on our platform. Or simply use some of our templates for common building and workplace experiences.



Connect to anything and everything in your workplace, building or precinct. We have a library of open source drivers or you can build your own with our API.


 Client’s taking advantage of our platform-based approach.

Trigger better experience and collect data at the same time

You can break many user scenarios down to two design questions: WHO is the user and WHERE are they in the building? The combination of a user profile and location tracking can help improve the building experience and collect data along the way. Who + Where = What desired action? 

To design and scope around this simple requirement, you need to identify the metrics you want to improve in your workplace or building.

Below is some data and the references. The key areas to start with are: 

  • Space Utilization. This is the most obvious one - are your rooms and desks being used to their potential. What are your target utilization percentages per room, desk, floor or per square metre? And more importantly, what do people do in these spaces when they are there.  
  • Employee Productivity. Each work activity requires the appropriate tools and space. How does the space effect the productivity? Is the balance right for knowledge workers vs process workers?  Similarly, how long does it take to get everyone into the meeting room and get the meeting started? Are meetings running efficiently? 
  • Employee Happiness. Happy employees leads to better staff retention. Do employees feel engaged, are they being recognized for their work? Do they have the space they need to be successful? How can you make them feel part of a community in your work space? 

ACAEngine will connect to Microsoft PowerBI and Google Analytics to track these goals against your data. The more you have connected to ACAEngine, the broader the insights into your data you can have. And consider some of the work space trends below. 



Have a preference for wellness capable buildings. 1



Of meetings are between 2-4 People. 2. 



Seats are unoccupied throughout the day 3.



of employees are satisfied with their current work-spaces . 4


  2.  “HOK Benchmarking Report: Volume 1.0 — Financial Services, 2014.” HOK.
  3. “HOK Benchmarking Report: Volume 1.0 — Financial Services, 2014.” HOK.
  4. “Making Real Estate Work Harder: Aggregated Data, Trends and Examples.” Herman Miller Space Utilization Services

UX Examples

Every building and workplace is different. That's why we made sure you can build your own user experiences with our APIs or with our design partners. However, there are some common problems we come across and below are a few examples that are available as templates for a turn key solution. Or this can be used as a starting point for your own customization. 

iphone mockup_image 1.png

Room Finding/booking

Search for a room based on your requirements. This can be as simple as day and time - or you can filter by capacity, layout, audiovisual options, catering and rooms with conferencing. Any of these filters can later be used to trigger a room control event. Furthermore, add attendees to the room booking and this can provide automatic access control and pre-registered visitor management if they are external guests. 

iphone mockup_image 9.png

People finding/usage reporting

It can be a challenge to find you colleagues in an agile working environment. ACAEngine can connect to your wireless access points, your network switches, building access control systems and any location sensor to find people in the workplace. We can then show their location on a map. 

Don't worry- this is not big brother, we do not store this information and you control the viewing permissions via your Activie Directory. It is also opt-out and some clients simply use people tracking for general anonymous reporting. However, ACA Projects has found this is the most used feature in the workplaces that have enabled it.

And if you do opt-in for location tracking, ACAEngine can extend the user experience by triggering profile driven control events such as room access and audio visual presets as you navigate the building.


iphone mockup_image 2.png

Desk availability finding

A map interface can show the currently available desks. This works in a similar way to people tracking and can be extended by tracking laptop docking and under desk sensors if required. Run this map in the workplace app or as a stand alone kiosk interface as a quick way to view available desks per floor. 

ACA Projects has been delivering these solutions for over seven years. We have a strong track record delivering solutions to workplaces, Universities and builders. We are and always will be hands on with actual projects so our products can quickly adapt to the needs of our clients.  

PwC Australia 

Build your own ACAEngine drivers to integrate with any device, software package or building system. Or get started with our open source library of device drivers. 

Corporate Systems

Office 365 

Office 365 



IBM Notes

IBM Notes

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Building Systems

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Devices and Audio Visual systems

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Let's face it, this is a technical subject and I know many of you are on here looking for detailed information. To get you started we have three general docs. The most detailed of these is ACAEngine General overview and the other two provide context and ideas on how you can run ACAEngine.