Solution Specialist (sales)

Working under our Business Development Manager and closely with our Managing Director, this role suits an ambitions self-driven professional. Working from our Sydney office you will demonstrate strong design thinking as you focus on solving problems for our clients. We are not after the typical sales person so please read the detailed job overview here and reach out if you think you are a good fit. 


Deployment Specialist (Jr server engineer)

Do you have some experience in Linux deployments and server setups? We are looking for someone that can help out with deployments- from the boring data entry- to the interesting smart-building integration. Most of the job will be remoting into servers, setting up services and deploying our applications/dependencies with Docker.  It's a general role where we will throw you in the deep end on a few projects at once. Lots of training and hands on experience will be provided. Some onsite work required, which includes domestic and international travel.  Sydney Australia location.  Get in touch below if you want to meet and chat.

We are always on the look out for good devs. Our front-end devs work on two streams: Product and Projects. You will be creating workplace apps for large corporate, dashboards for building managers, kiosks for hotels and constantly improving ACAEngine and CoTag Media admin interfaces. If you are creative, write good code and love running multiple projects at once- please get it touch. Must be experienced in all the common front-end frameworks. AngularJS (2+) experience is essential. Locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore or London

Front-End  Dev

Interested in the above- or just want to reach out? Get in touch below. 

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