2 ways to make money from your AV system with QuayPay.

Introducing QuayPay- Integrated Payments for your AV project

The same team that started Advanced Control and Acoustics recently launched QuayPay, a payment system company that focuses on integration. QuayPay can enable direct payments into digital signage and building control systems. Let's have a look at two ways this could be part of your AV and building projects. 

1. Transactional Content. 

Digital Signage can deliver advertising and engaging content to customers and patrons in your (or your customer's) venue. However, it's actually pretty hard to measure the results of digital signage and outdoor advertising. It is for this reason that many brands don't consider digital signage in their marketing campaigns.

QuayPay can merge Digital Signage with a point of sale enabling a strong ROI for a digital signage project. Let's say you are advertising an event through ACA Signage to a digital display at a bus stop. QuayPay can allow for mobile transactions that synchronise with the content so a commuter can purchase a ticket while waiting for the bus. This turns advertising into a point of sale and removes steps from the customer conversion process.  

This can be a very successful model in the retail environment where content is used in a much more engaging way. 'Shop the Shoot' is a new marketing concept that allows viewers of an online magazine to purchase items that are featured in the editorial. The customer can view this as a value adding service rather than advertising. With the combination of ACASignage and QuayPay we can take the 'Shop the Shoot' strategy to physical retail. Delivering editorial content to digital displays as a discovery point allows for mobile engagement to continue the experience. With QuayPay integrated as the payment solution customers can make purchases from within the content- at a moment where their connection to the brand is strongest. 

Download a free eBook on other Retail Engagement concepts that can be delivered through ACA and QuayPay 


2. Integrated Control and Payments

ACA Control is our flagship product. It allows users to control audiovisual systems and building systems (such as lighting and climate control) from a web interface on any device.  The fact that ACA Control is web-based means we can include web-based payments in the control interface. I look forward to what our clients come up with for this but here are a couple of ideas to get started.

  • Take casual bookings of your available meeting spaces .

Allow for in situ bookings through the AV interface. The customer cannot turn on the AV system until they make a payment to do so. If they are staff or have paid through an alternative method they can login and skip the payment page. This allows anyone to walk in and use the space when it is available as long as they make a payment to do so- maximising the return on investment for your audiovisual system. Don't let your meeting rooms go unused when they could be making additional income.

  • Monitor energy consumption of your building and ask users that go over your energy targets for a donation to a carbon neutral scheme. 

ACA Control can integrate with building management systems that can report on energy consumption. If a staff member or a particular department are over the target consumption level then ask them to contribute to a fund that goes to a carbon neutral scheme. These alerts can come up when a high energy user (or department) are about to turn on a device, AV system or building system.  Furthermore, you could add a level of gamification to the mix and have departments competing on being the most carbon neutral or perhaps even carbon negative.

QuayPay offer...

For any ACA customer that signs up to QuayPay in the next 30 Days (17th Oct to 16 Nov) will receive 6 months free Digital Signage access from ACASignage.com or 30% off the total ACA Control project. 

Simply fill in this web-form to claim this offer: http://quaypay.com/request-an-invite/  

Visit QuayPay.com to find out more info. 

There are no setup fees for QuayPay- simply provide your bank account details and QuayPay can start managing your payments- there is a small fee per transaction so customers only pay if they start making money. Funds are transferred within 2 business days. Much better than setting up a merchant bank account!