The CommSec TV presenters are the face of Commonwealth Bank’s stockbroking arm ‘Commonwealth Securities’.  The team present the financial news and stock report to all the major networks multiple times a day. They also record and present reports on their website and YouTube channel. This is all from the trading floor in the Sydney Commonwealth Bank building.


Corporate Technology Services engaged Advanced Control and Acoustics to provide a flexible control system that allows the CommSec TV presenters to control the system without the need of a TV crew. The result is ACA Control running on a cloud-server with an iPad interface. The interface is a web-page that displays in full screen and allows the news presenter to setup the broadcast with just two button presses.The following takes place with each press:

Press one (presenter selects their broadcast location)

  •       The corresponding camera turns on and adjusts for one of the three locations.
  •       The Digital Signage (ACA Signage) across the CommSec office displays an “On Air” animation so the other staff members don't walk through the shot. 
  •       The Video output of the camera switches over ready for broadcast

Press two (presenter selects their photo from the selection of news presenters)

  •       The Camera lifter adjusts for the user’s height
  •       The lighting adjusts for the user’s skin tone and time of the day.
  •       The audio levels adjust for the user’s natural vocal delivery.

The support team have access to an admin interface so they can manually setup shots and broadcasts remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Advanced Control and Acoustics were successful at taking a complicated system and making it easy to operate. The result is a system that is used constantly without the need for a technical operator.