ACA Engine

ACAEngine is an automation system that can control any physical, virtual, electronic or digital environment over a standard IP network. It is a web-based solution that can control thousands of rooms from one web-server. The user interface is a HTML web page that can run on any device.

This includes mounted touch panels or the users own smart phone. Furthermore, ACAEngine can extend beyond traditional control by triggering events based on proximity and room booking data.

So what makes ACAEngine different? 


ACAEngine is not just web accessible; it is completely web-standard. This means it  integrates with your corporate environment through standard APIs. 

open Source and API's for developers

ACAEngine is a control platform that any web developer can extend with our APIs. This means it can be part of new building experiences and integrate into other applications. 


design first


We put the power of design in the hands of designers. Too many building and control interfaces are developed by programmers that treat interface design as an afterthought.  

IT Standard security

ACAEngine can sit behind your corporate firewalls and integrate into your Authentication system. This means there is no default password that can be hacked, there are no unknown open ports and your security team can treat it like any other web service.  

Unparalleled Scalability

ACAEngine can control thousands of devices and hundreds of buildings from one system. This includes the ability to load balance across multiple servers and data centres with real-time fail-over if any server goes down. 


Smart Triggers

ACAEngine can integrate with location services, access systems, room booking software and any other system running in your building to trigger control events automatically. 

ACAEngine is more than a control system- it is a platform to enable modular smart building features. Check out some of the solutions below. 

ACAEngine is a smart-building platform that can connect all devices, building systems and third-party software into a single work-place solution.  
As a true platform, the features are modular and can be developed or tweaked for the project. However, many common problems can be solved with a work-place app. This is front-end that sits on top of the ACAEngine platform and can take the form of  web portal, app, kiosk or touch panel- in any combination. 

Furthermore, by linking single sign-on with location services we can trigger many building control events automatically in the background- moving beyond an app or touch panel only experience. 


Each of the following features can run as a standalone app or come together into a workplace solution. Select an icon for more information on each feature.