ACAEngine and CoTag Media are both open platforms. This means you can create unique experiences in your building and developers can use our APIs to come up with new ways to get more from your space. 

But sometimes you want something off the shelf to meet some core requirements. That's why we have created Smart Packages- a combination of ACAEngine, CoTag Media and UX that work together to enable a particular set of scenarios. Developers can still expand on this but it provides ready for action solution for common automation and media requirements. 


Smart Package One. Automated video recording with online video debriefing. 

Key areas:

  • Medical Simulation
  • Court Room capture 
  • Interview room capture 
  • Training rooms
  • Psychology Research  
  • Customer and market studies


ACAEngine can work with CoTag Media to automatically capture video from IP cameras and make the video available for immediate debriefing and online assessment.  Smart Package One includes:

  • ACAEngine- on premies license
  • CoTag Media- on premise license or cloud access
  • Device drivers for Axis or Panasonic PTZ camera control
  • Integration into your Active Directory system so videos are saved under user profiles automatically
  • A user interface to trigger recordings
  • ACAEngine back office interface to manage devices
  • ACA Metrics to monitor real-time connections, users and room status
  • Camera grid view interface- a web-page that shows all the camera feeds, their recording status and the option to stop and start recordings in any room (for admin users) 


User interfaces


End user control Interface

The end user can start and stop a recording from a mounted tablet or on their own phone. Alternatively, the recording can be scheduled or triggered by the admin user from the Grid view interface. The latter might be how recordings are started if you have a control room monitored by tech support, this is common in medical simulation centres


Admin or tech support user interface

The admin interface provides a grid view of each camera feed across all rooms. This allows for centralised support and control. The interface is a web-page that can be accessed anywhere on the network by a user with Admin rights.  


System admin

System admin users will have access to the back-end interface. ACA Back office provides the ability to add users, manage devices and setup new rooms. ACA Metrics provides a live dashboard on room and device status- EG if one of your Axis cameras is offline it will display in the hot list. This is a handy feature to run in your control room in full screen.  


CoTag Media interface

Once a video is recorded it will be automatically uploaded to CoTag Media. As we will capture in h.264 and video playback in h.264 is supported in most browsers there is no transcoding required so the video is available for playback within a minute of the recording ending. This means you can walk out of the video capture room and into a debrief room to go through the video within CoTag Media straight away. Users can then use all the CoTag Media feature (full list here) and admin users can set permission for things like downloading video and sharing to other groups.