ACAEngine is a platform that ties many experiences together.
The feature list is modular and can come together in a smart-workplace app.

By linking single sign-on with location services we can trigger many of these experiences automatically in the background.



Search for a space based on your requirements and ACAEngine will find, book and control the room for you.

For example, if you need a room for 5 people, at 9am, that has video conferencing, then the call will be setup ready to go at the start of your booking.



Coffee and meetings go together. As our workplace management solution integrates with your corporate authentication, your staff can save their default catering preferences in their account and make one tap orders when booking the room or when in the room.

Furthermore, ACAEngine can manage simple catering menus with live alerts to the kitchen. Make orders from any of the digital touch-points: room booking panels, control panels, staff app or room booking page.



There are many ways to track people in the building. As ACAEngine is a modular platform, we can integrate with any sensor or third-party platform via standard API calls. This allows you to use the right tracking technology at the right time.

For example, we can integrate with network access points by Cisco and HPE, Bluetooth beacon solutions or even the lighting sensors via the lighting network. Once we know where people are in your building we can provide people search, data reporting and trigger control events based on user locations.



The lines between workplace, retail, entertainment venue and residential are blurring. We can take your smart workplace app and integrate it into the community around you.

By adding payments to your corporate authentication you can make one tap purchases in any of your buildings retail stores or perhaps offer laundry drop-off / pickup services to the smart lockers in your building. Payments can happen in the background.


AV Control

There are two ways to improve the control experience in your building.

Firstly, have the room booking platform trigger rooms into the mode they need to be in automatically. Secondly, make the room control interface available on all devices or via the smart workplace app.

Traditional hardware control is not necessary and by making this small change you are likely to save on the cost of rollout. Some spaces can still benefit from an in-room touch panel but you can use anything with a browser.



An interactive map can tie in many of the features on this page. At the very least it is a great way to see the availability of a whole floor at a single glance. However, any of the mentioned interfaces can be embedded in the map.

Make add hock bookings, find people, order catering or launch control interfaces. We take pride in the graphic design of our maps and avoid the engineering look and feel by creating SVG maps with attention to detail.


Any of these features can be delivered on its own or provided within a single smart building App. In some cases you might do both - provide the People search as a large screen kiosk and within a mobile app.

Our interfaces are web-based but can be wrapped in a native app,
display in digital signage or embedded in other interfaces such as a staff portal.


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